Friday, November 28, 2014

When food rots for oil and coal company profits.

I bet you didn't know that wheat, corn, soybeans and milo are stuck in the great plains instead of on their way to markets and foreign buyers.  Oh, why?
Because oh dear uninformed one.  Coal and tar sand oil is buying up the intervals/capacity on the railroads.  Tar sand oil from Canada and shale oil from the Dakotas has the money to buy it.  Rail capacity is dependent on crossings and rail yard timings, these are the chokepoints.  You can only run so many trains over some of these nodes.

Well China has been buying less coal for the last few months, and maybe, just maybe the drop in oil price will slow the movement of these very expensive and low profit oils.  I don't think people realize what it means, we are shutting off our food supply to move fossil fuel around.

Replace dirty energy fuels with wind and solar and we can move our grain to market again, and the dangerous side effect will be clean air and lower energy prices.  Wind is cheaper energy than coal.

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