Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here is why so many cops are pissed off

Ever wonder why so many police are out of control?  Lead poisoning.  Ever wonder why so many gun nuts are so radical and excitable? Lead poisoning.  The source are the indoor shooting ranges.  Blood tests reveal police across the nation have high levels of lead in their blood, as do employees at shooting ranges, and visitors to indoor sites.
Lead leads to poor decision making skills and aggression, lower levels of intelligence, and life shortening diseases.
When a gun is fired, it sheds gasses and dust laden with lead, indoors it lingers airborne settles on everything in the building, including skin, lungs, clothes, hair, shoes, and it goes home with the shooter dosing their home and family.


Play it safe, never shake hands with a member of the NRA


  1. Profound Darryl !! I be sharing this!

  2. Good stuff. No matter what the bastards don't get a pass.

  3. Popping in. Interesting article. Never thought about gun ranges having hazardous lead exposure.

    1. Hi Skinny, Yea, box up a bunch of guys and burn gun powder and shave hot lead coating against steel barrels and you get lots of chemicals and metal aloft in sizes that can enter the skin. Our bodies at the molecular level have more open space than solid matter, little things go right into us.


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