Monday, December 1, 2014

The benefits of fossil fuel

That's a 2013 train wreck and explosion, tank cars full of North Dakota shale oil.  This scene is happening now every few days somewhere in the US with our aging gas pipes, oil pipelines, trains, gas stations, refineries, tank farms.  We had a truck blow up with a load of gas on a bridge, they had to do major work on the bridge, the heat damaged so much of the concrete.  Then in Hutchinson Kansas a few years ago underground salt caverns were pumped full of natural gas for storage, it found a way to the surface and got into an old mainstreet brick two story building and blew the shit out of it and burned for weeks.

Wind farm and solar farm disasters never go beyond the single unit affected.  Towns don't burn, people aren't evacuated.   So far a dangerous spill of wind and sunshine hasn't been reported.

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