Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cops choking black men to death is legal

I don't know how much of this the minorities can take.  Literally hundreds of white cops have killed black men, kids, women, Mexicans, PuertoRicans the last few years, and not one (that I am aware of) was found guilty, and only a handfull ever went to trial.

Today the policeman we all saw walk up to a black New York man, choke him while the man begged that he couldn't breath, choked him until the man died right there in that couple minute video, that cop too will not even have to face a trial.  Frankly I think the civil rights movement has to swing back into action again to correct this,  just coasting along will not change anything.


  1. I would never argue against your premise other than with the mood of the badges and this country they will kill protesters like flys.

  2. If this were happening in the heat of summer, American cities would be in flames tonight. We need more of the enablers who allow the bad cops to act with impunity to step up and denounce the abusers before this morphs into a full blown race war.

  3. Killing or incarcerating minorities is the American Way, its what the System was designed to do.


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