Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What? Charity receipts are down?

In Kansas where I am imprisoned under the uber Catholic Pope Brownback, local charities are falling flat this Christmas season.  Cutting taxes on the rich, eliminating them on most businesses and farms, was to lead to great wealth for all of us.  Then there was cutting hell out of state government aid programs to the poor, kids, handicap, old, this too would lead to great wealth for all.  Trickle down at last has it's day in the sun.
Turns out the farmer and the franchise owner took his tax saving to the bank, he didn't hire more people.  And it turns out the poor give a lot to charity.  I worked a charity table once at a WallMart, almost every thing we got came from black and brown people and white people that looked like they would be eligible for the very charity we collected for.  Well dressed people walked right past.  Sure they write big checks once in a while, but the most comes in a hand full of change or a $5 bill from people who know what it would mean to get it themselves.  But as income disparity grows and 4 out of 6 in Kansasippi public* schools are poor, the poor don't even have enough to feel good about sharing through charity, so charities are short.
*private and religious schools are thick as fleas on a rat now, we now have segregation of the poor into the public schools, and thats fair game for more cuts when you get low scores in a whole school full of hard-knock kids.


  1. YUP!

    Outside of your state's own dynamics I believe much of the country is the same. I also believe that the past history of mid term and presidential elections will not hold true with the one coming. In that there has been a fundamental shift in where peoples priorities are and it's NOT to the left but way down the line in right field.

  2. In Michigan they are using school money to patch potholes in the roads!!


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