Wednesday, December 10, 2014

after WWII we hanged people that tortured

Some of you know Ron, aka Sarge aka One Angry Zebra, he penned some interesting information and point of view I include here that I agree with.
While some may still claim that the heinous and barbaric acts committed by the CIA with their so called, "Enhanced Interrogation Program", saved lives; the report seems to debunk that. Do you realize that in 1945 we hanged a Japanese general in Manila for using "water torture" on allied prisoners of war? What happened to us after 9/11 to become like the North Vietnamese who tortured Jeremiah Denton, James Stockwell, Robinson Risner, and yes, John McCain among countless others one of special interest being 1Lt Lance Scott Sijan, USAF, who was awarded the CMH posthumously for gallantry will prisoner of war.
It is common knowledge that the whole CIA rendition program was to accomplish two things; establish a credible link between Saddam Hussein and the events of 9/11 to justify invading Iraq. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of 9/11 has been reported to have been water- boarded over a hundred times. Why? Because, he and Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and others were constantly, in sometimes a pathetic way, try to convince We The People that was true. KSM, never gave GW what he wanted because he couldn't; it was a lie....
Folks, we trashed the Geneva Convention and by our actions shamed America. Can  you even imagine how those still alive that suffered torture by our enemies view this? Think about the Japanese Battan Death March, the German Stalags, The Hanoi Hilton, the crew of the USS Pueblo; we as Americans were enraged by the way those evil men treated our people!  We should share that same rage against those that shamed America before the world with their barbaric conduct and demand punishment for all of those involved. It is time to do what is right!


  1. Agreed YF but we are NOT going to "share that same rage against those that shamed America before the world with their barbaric conduct and demand punishment for all of those involved".

    Not being negative and have always wanted accountability for this and all the other treasonous acts. Bama eluded to it early on but of course was lying.

    This country enjoys seeing people being hurt they really do.

  2. OneFly I agree some people enjoy seeing people hurt. In the middle ages and dark ages towns in England could buy prisoners sentenced to death for their festivals, where they would be executed or "inhanced" to death as intertainment for the public. I think that would be a bit much now, but we are inching towards it with cage fighting and our admiration for cops and CIA sadist who do it for us, usually in secret, but sometimes we are lucky and get to see it done on a sidewalk as the man begs for his life. Just mix up some wealth disparity, cut the education, create a class system, add the kings men with license to kill, make violence sexy and sha-zam, were back to feudalism and economic model that was a great success and worked for centuries.


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