Monday, December 1, 2014

best food pyramid, double it.

The food pyramid on the left is nutritional, those things you should consume in high volumes are backgrounded in green.  Those things that cause obesity, cholesterol, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage and so on near the peak of the pyramid should be eaten in small amounts, or not at all.
The pyramid at the right counts the ecological impact of each item through things such as the amount of water and acreage and consumables (feed, chemicals, meds) used to produce, fuel to deliver it, energy  to harvest, butcher, package, cool or freeze, and finally to cook it.  Again the green background items are the winners, the safest for the earths resources and environment.
Wow, many of the same items that are good for us are good for the environment.  Excuse me, I'm headed to the kitchen for an orange.

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