Friday, December 12, 2014

3 church groups working to slow pollution and warming

Pope Francis is is working on an official papal encyclical tackling the environment and humanity’s relationship to it.  He has already said if we destroy nature nature will destroy us.  Now, a group of Bishops, from every continent, have issued a letter in Lima Peru at the climate talks, calling on every government in the world to end fossil fuel use.  It also says the global economic systems are incompatible with long-term ecological sustainability.
Not a catholic, but I wish them well with this, it's about time the biggest Christian Church gets in the middle of this, only could it please be even more forceful and right away.  There are a lot of obident followers, I hope, I pray, they will get behind this immediately in the church, their local government, at their dinner tables.  
FYI, drag your church screaming into joining one of these groups, or you can do it on your own: a coalition of churches and religions. this is the evangelical environmental network, and they are growing and pressuring politicians and local governments, below is from their recent letter sent in support of EPA rules.

As pro-life Christians, we urge the EPA to protect life and God's creation by reducing carbon pollution and toxic emissions from existing coal burning power plants. We ask the EPA to provide maximum flexibility to states as to how they will cut emissions, including options such as a pollution fee that could cut other taxes. It is time for our leaders to act for the sake of our children's health, the most vulnerable among us, and His beautiful creation.


  1. It's the kind of thing they SHOULD/CAN be doing rather than the other nonsense. And this isn't politics necessarily either.

  2. I am studying some of these groups writings and positions. I will start another round of letter writing to my bible thumper climate denier legislators in the next few days and early in the year. I will parrot some of their statements, maybe I can turn a couple of these guys from voting against clean energy, I did it once, they voted for it but ALEC and Kochs got to them and they went back. Maybe I can turn them again.

  3. If only you could connect this to the right women should have to decide what they want done for their health care.


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