Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ban flights out of Texas, protect us from Ebola

GOP and some Dems want flights from Africa banned to save us from Ebola.  Only one guy came in so far that was unknown to have it.  But, they are tracking lots of people exposed who came out of Texas.  Fuck Rick Perry, stop flights out of Texas.

I think the reaction is a bit much folks.  So far 1 death in the US from Ebola and oh my gosh it's gonna kill us and it's that black Presidents fault.  Really, your worried about that.  50k to 60k a year die in US hospitals from infections caught in the frigg'n hospital, 30k a year die from getting the wrong meds or the wrong dose of the right meds.  Then the flu kills 10k to 40k a year, heart disease 600k, obesity/diabetes almost that.  Almost all of these could be prevented.  Ebola is nothing.  We should be asking hospitals to clean up, why the hell did my fater-in-law end up with 2 near deadly infections from a short hospital stay?  No wonder people get Ebola, the places are truly dirty.


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