Thursday, October 23, 2014

They know they will lose the fossil fuel fight, but when, at what cost to the climate?

 Thats me helping people write letters on an i-pad to their state representatives to support wind and solar energy.  In a few days at the fair we got about 2,000, more than double last year.  A year ago we had several people come in to fuss about wind and solar, this year only 2 or 3, everyone else wants it and wants the legislature to stop trying to make it harder to build a clean energy future.

Below is what Shell Oil projects for all energy sources in 86 years.  Look at that, oil 10%, coal 3.9%.  I met a man who advises oil execs on global warming, he is not there to pump warm air up their skirts, they hire him to explain the latest actual science. He said the only thing they ever ask is not if it's real, but when will they be made to stop.  What we have to do is make them stop sooner not later, transition to a new economy, slow the disruption coming from heat, storms, reduced food production.  This is a Shell made chart.


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    1. Pop, it will be sunny days in our lifetimes only if we convince even more people to help. The majority agree, but against money and power it's practically a stand off, we need more help. Vote the climate deniers out, then vote with your pocketbook, buy the product that saves resources.


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