Monday, October 13, 2014

news unfit for weak stomached republicans

It's been a wild few days of shocks to the system, especially if your system is Republican.

*Socialist Pope's synod has come out with the question for catholics, shouldn't we make nice with gays? They aren't going to do weddings, but it's a step forward in cutting off the hatred, and the step is too far for many on the right.

*Sept. was the hottest September ever globally.   Using the thousands of daily readings around the world.  Yea I know it was cool a few days where you live so your not convinced.

*Tesla's new model D is drag strip ready, 155mph, 0 - 60 3.2 seconds.  691 HP with a motor driving the front and another driving the rear.  Range is further too, 275 miles.  Extra range is due to 2 motors working in harmony adjusted every mili-second takes less power than one motor, even with the extra weight, it goes faster and farther.  I have a state house senator who owns a car dealership, he hates Tesla, this for sure made him puke, again.  Porsche, Viper, Shelby, Mustang, none of them beat this time.  Electric cars were up till now seen as a lady like car, an old persons car, a nerds car, now it is THE muscle car.  OH go on, Puke some more.  In fairness one Porsche 918 Spyder can beat it, but it costs $887,000, for one car, the Tesla is less than 10% of that.

*China announced last week a $6 a ton tax on imported coal.  They are suffering so much pollution they have to make changes.  These higher prices they say will force increased efficiency and cut waste in industry and residential use.  They also re-affirmed last months statement the rapid increase in building coal plants is coming to an end in a couple of years at which time they will accelerate the  closing of old plants, dirtiest first and so on.  So much for the plan to export hugh amounts of coal to China.  Wind and solar are growing fast too in China.

*India has decided instead of building an electric grid infrastructure into un-electrified regions they will get power to 400 million by small wind and solar farms.  Local distributed power near the customers.  This announcement killed several planned coal fired power plants.  Ouch GE, ouch Becktel, no smokestacks or boilers needed.

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