Thursday, October 9, 2014

The EV's are coming, the EV's are coming.

Last year I noticed there was a Chevy Volt in a garage a couple blocks away.  Now another Electric Vehicle,  a Nissan Leaf is near by too.  Twice last month I saw a red Tesla model S gliding quietly through the area and onto the 4 lane arterial to the east.  I don't know the owners, but I met the guy living next to the Volt.  He said the women that has it ask if gas can go bad.  Volt has a gas engine that runs if the 40 mile range batteries are depleted.  She told him in the 6 months she had it she never used the gas engine, the tank  still full from the day she bought it. All her trips around town gets her home on stored power.  He told her she should use the gas engine and refill the tank every few months to be safe.

People don't drive as far as they think, most trips to work, school, shop, church, or bar are  less than 40.  All the builders are working on, and will in a year or so have cars in the 100+, even 200+ range.

You don't need Paul Revere to tell you EV's are coming, the Kochs and others are fighting it, they see it coming, it means less gas sold.  The question is will we let them slow it down in states with laws that inhibit EV sales with higher taxes on EV's and hybrids or keeping Tesla out of some states.  Well, Ford has partnered with KB Homes, the largest house and apartment builder in the nation.  KBH will now wire all their homes to be ready for adding an EV charger, so the buyer if they later buy an EV can just plug in the charger that plugs to the EV, you need not pull any wires or hire an electrician.  Tesla give buyers of the "S" free recharges for life.  Today Honda and Solar City announced $50+ million program for Honda EV customers, lowering their costs if they add solar panels to charge the new EV.  Even if you or I can't get in on these programs now, they solve some of the problems for the buyer, pushing up sales, lowering prices, reducing pollution. Thats good for all of us. We might be able to afford an EV sooner than we thought.

You need to let your state house rep and senator know you oppose adding taxes to these cars, and you oppose the trend of making net metering* less attractive with more taxes, charges, regulations, limits.  The sun that falls on your house is yours, if you invest to turn it into energy, then bugger-off Mr. Utility, bugger-off ALEC, AFP, Chamber, Kochs.  It's your sunshine, protect it or the Koch's will make it so expensive you won't be able to use it.
*Net Metering, the meter than runs both directions, when you generate your own watts, if you have excess it credits you, lowering your utility bill.  Some states are now doing the utilites and Koch's work to the detriment of homeowners and small businesses.

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