Friday, April 10, 2015

April 1980 Walter Cronkite, the most respected man in news reports Climate Change


  1. The science was flawed back then just as it is now.

  2. 1 Fly, How are you doing? Still south of the border? What is the flaw you are referring to? Let me look into it, I am a pretty good researcher. I do recognize one error in what one of the people testify is saying, but it's minor.

  3. Only being a smart ass. Been back a month and trying not to think tooo much. Don't have a hell of a lot to say. Tired of the crazys controlling much of what goes on here. I miss having conversations. This is a different breed of cat around here I tell you.

  4. One Fly,
    I live in SW Indiana aka the Ohio Valley Basin and we have the largest number of coal fired plants in the entire nation - and the #1 air polluter is one of them. You cannot drive past the Duke Energy power plant at Petersburg and see the smoke belching from those cooling stacks and think that shit is good for the environment.

    Evansville, In

    1. The sarcastic point I was trying to make Sarge is that that Climate Change Deniers also have to deny science and mathematics to support that position as with the religiously insane saying the Earth is only 6000 years old when that is easily proven wrong with the science of carbon dating.

      Yet Big Whore Media continually gives them the floor without refuting their bullshit thus supporting their stance as something that has credibility samo with Creationism and Evolution.

      No wonder the idiots here are so fucking dumb.

  5. We're all on the same team and we're all passionate about slowing pollution. What the deniers don't get is that jobs can be had in the transition to energy sources that don't pollute and in new trucks that save fuel. In the last few years more new jobs were created in clean energy sectors than were lost coal, so why are coal regions not benefiting.......because those areas implement things like restrictions on solar, taxes on wind, permiting and net metering restrictions to protect coal but all they get out of it is fewer coal jobs and no clean energy jobs, they are crapping in their own nest, unable to accept they could profit from change.

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