Tuesday, April 21, 2015

hydrogen folly

Over the last few months I read a number of stories about hydrogen development at a number of universities.  The latest is to make it from corn field waste, the stalks and leaves left.  This is not good news for the soil we leave our children.  When we harvest grain crops, the straw and stalks left cover the earth, prevent erosion, keep soil temperature down, and become the compost to build soil.  Raking the earth clean year after year may fuel your Hindenburg car, but it will leave future generations with crappy little soil to live on.
Another thing, most projections indicate natural gas will be used to make hydrogen fuel.  Well, tell me how making one fuel from another is a victory?  It is unsustainable, like ethanol it takes almost as much power to convert corn to gas as you get out of the ethanol.
Neither of these are sustainable.  Speak against them both at every opportunity.  Electric vehicles are the easiest to convert to, the infrastructure is already near by, a good extension cord will complete it.

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