Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Simple, fair, workable, and you can still keep your world.

One way looks better than all the others in solving the warming of the planet caused since 1760, the start of the industrial revolution and the mass burning of peat, coal, oil and gas that made modern life what it is.  A good thing but with a problem.  Burning fossil fuels causes greenhouse gasses.  Shine light through them and they warm, then they insulate.  10,000 years ago agriculture began, based on a favorable climate.  Like humans, a fever of a few degrees makes us unproductive, if it lasts long it means death.  The same is true with our crops and meat sources.

Carbon Fee and Dividend is the best solution to prevent earth from getting a fever, harming our food sources, and it can fix it in a hurry.  Put a steady increasing fee on carbon when it enters the economy, at the well, mine or port of entry.  This drives prices of these energy's up, making wind and solar more competitive, making fuel efficient trucks and cars more attractive etc.  The money collected is given to citizens equally, if you shop wisely, use less fuel, your going to make money on the deal, and more all the time, bending the market to energy efficient products and practices.    Check it out at
Sign up, it's the most interesting approach of any environmental group I found.  My group already has speaking engagements, is working with a farmers group, and much more.  Do more than just bitch.

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