Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wisconsin puts George Orwell's "newspeak" to practice.

Today's forbidden words in Wisconsin: Global Warming, and Climate Change.  

In "1984" the totalitarian government regularly issued new words and phrases, and banned others from use.  Use the new ones, drop the old ones or face firings, prison even.  The constant changing of the language for political purposes was called new speak and there was a whole department dedicated to it in the book, I believe it was a single word, newspeak.

In my town, Wichita, it is not yet forbidden to use these terms, however only yesterday a city councilman complained some departments use of these words were not constructive or helpful, I assume he will get the wheels rolling to outlaw them here.  "Sustainability" though was ridiculed recently as a UN term, and had corrosive implications to our way of life.  I think soon we are going to follow Florida and Wisconsin down the totalitarian rabbit hole.  


  1. The city voted not to join a regional sustainability program because some dipwads on the council thought it was a secret UN program. What it was was a way for local communities to share some resources and coordinate plans for emergencies etc.

  2. Pathetic ...Hell no Me won't go, untill apparently Me dodo!


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