Tuesday, November 12, 2013

drying poodles in the microwave

Yea, not so funny, the old joke may have some truth to it I don't know.  But aren't we all that quivering wet poodle riding the glass turntable?  It's all flying right through us; radio, microwave, TV, WiFi, satellite data, to say nothing of background frequencies from exploding stars, white dwarfs, and your neighbors remote controlled drone looking in your bedroom window, e-gads, were all in a microwave on "thaw" cycle.

Duke University, may their basketball team forever have sore feet and blurry vision, just came up with a panel, a bit like a solar panel, to harvest all these errant transmissions and convert it to energy.  In a few years we may have a funny looking little white card standing on the shelf and cabled to the cell phone or computer charging the dickens out of it.  The tin foil hat guys were right all along, but rather than shooting up the mall over it, maybe we buy a little card that will snatch free power out of thin air 24 7.


  1. Does your scorn for the Blue Devils have anything to do with the fact that they are playing the Jayhawks tonight?

    Just curious...


    1. Ron, It does. I expect the devils will win, Jayhawks have an all new team and so far they can score at a reasonable level, but they can't defend worth a crap. It will take them a couple more games to get coach Self's style of defense learned and in practice. I see tonight as a foul fest, Jayhawks putting the devils on the line at least 25 times, maybe far more.
      Last years starting line up all went pro, this years looks like 3 or 4 of them will, so this one and done thing makes for exciting recruits but the first of the season is one raggedy-ass game after another till they get clicking.

    2. Wiggins was the number one recruit, so far he is not very aggressive, still has the jitters. He is from Canada, said to be the next Michael Jordan, they call him Maple Jordan.


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