Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ever wonder if the higher price energy and water stingy washer is worth it?

One of these days your gonna need a new washing machine.  I just got one, about as energy and water stingy as I could find to buy, had it 4 months, our water consumption is way down, big drop, power use is down too a few dollars a month.
Consumer report illustrates how much you can save by spending more, maybe lots more, for the energy efficiency model.

Energy use for 300 cycles a year for 10 years.  $780 for the best units, but a whopping $2,180 for the worst.  Water use, 43,200 gallons, or up to 153,600 gallons for the worst wasters.  If you have an old machine you've sent the power company a minimum of $2k the last 10 years.  Water in some markets is mucho $, so that adds up too, and me, I don't like sending it to the utility.

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