Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Speaker Bohner wants to find a way.......

a way to ignore two girls, Mexicans, 13 and 15 and their story. Find a way my ass, the votes are in the house, already enough Republicans support it to pass if he will let it come to a vote, if he will do what he wants muslims to do, speak out against the extremest among them. As you watch him fiddle with his breakfast you know he knows he is on the wrong side of history. Here we see one more catholic not following Christ's teachings. By the way, the comments about this video where I snatched it, rude and crude. There is so much hate coming from white people, it's embarrassing to be white.

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  1. Hey, Pedro and Jaunita keep pumping out those brown butted babies who in eighteen years will be old enough to vote and between now and then teach those bambinos to hate everything about Republicans...



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