Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kansas hoops, 5 beats 4

 KU 94, Duke 83.  I didn't expect the Jayhawks to win.  KU is mostly a team of freshmen.  The two exhibition games and a game against Louisiana Monroe were sloppy boring wins stuffed full of fouls, turnovers and busted set plays.  Finally it clicked last night, they figured out how to be a team in the nick of time.

I like the Jayhawk mascot and logo, we consider it a mythical bird, the name's meaning is a mystery, but the Missouri slavers first named the free-state settlers Jayhawks, whatever kind of insult it was at the time is lost.   As for the Duke logo, what the hell is that?  It looks like parenthesis with nothing in it.  Why did they drop the blue devil  logo?  Religiosity?

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  1. Hey! Michigan State beat UK. Gotta love those faggot wild cats fans taking it in the ass!

    Go IU!



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