Sunday, May 4, 2014

FBI looking at Pope Brownback and 13 Kansas senators

KS gov. Pope Sam Brownback (R) and 13, I think that may be all the GOP senators but 1 or 2, are under investigation by the FBI.  Also a couple of law firms which are nothing but money handlers and lobbyist, and a number of lobbyist who have all worked in the gov.s office the last couple years.

Seems the FBI thinks we have a pay to play state.  They came across an invite sent to lobbyist for one of the Pope's gala evenings with Senators, and the invite was printed with the command you must bring checks of $1,000 made out to each of the senators.   Also it turns out getting hired to work in the gov.s office guarnatees in a few months you will get hired by some corp. at a fine salary, otherwise that corporation will not get the bills passed they want.   So pay upfront, and hire who we tell you to or your bill won't see the light of day.   And by the list of wacko corporate give aways they passed this year, lots are paying to play.  And who are these aids to the gov that get snatched up by corporations?  Wives and kids and nephews of the well connected.  It's a closed loop, and that will make it harder to crack.

This shit is really hard to prove, but maybe, just maybe, they will find enough proof or someone who talks.  It certainly looks like we have a very corrupt corporate run capitol.


  1. If nothing else it might be fun to watch the bastards sweat...
    The FBI can turn on some serious heat.

  2. Maybe Kansas is where New Zealand's National Party got the idea for its Cabinet Club. Pay some money for the privilege of rubbing elbows - and bending the ears of - various Cabinet Ministers as well as the Prime Minister himself.

  3. Good luck pinning anything on money boys. But if they can get one guy to turn on the rest, it's open season.


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