Monday, May 26, 2014

General Shinseki, Senator Burr, Veterans groups

North Carolina's Senator (more of a festered sore than a senator) Burr penned a letter slamming veterans groups for not calling on General Shinseki to resign from the Veterans Administration.  He got a raft of shit overnight from all the major veterans groups except the American Legion which I have always thought had GOP leaning leadership.
I'm betting your cell phone, or even home phone, will let you call Senator Burr to dump on him for this, for free, what could be better than that.  (828) 350-2437.  Make it your Tuesday morning call.

Shinseki has been a GOP target since Bush pushed him out for saying we needed more troops in the war.    And another thing, the GOP has voted against funding that might have eased up some of the troubles the VA is having, just as they voted against money that might have improved security at foreign embassy's and consulates.   The problems at the VA are historic, since the Revolution promises have been broken or delayed, those who faced down British troops were to be given land to settle west of the Cumberland Gap, it took over 20 years for this to happen.  I don't know if Shinseki should go or not, but I don't think his removal will fix the problem, and Burr should shut the fuck up.   If you want to help keep us out of another war, look at Operation Free, click the link, the shield, top left of this post.

828-350-2437  Shut-up Burr


  1. Darrel,
    The problem with the VA is that they are treating too many damned people who can get care elsewhere - Like me, I have TriCare for life - there is no reason I should use the VA. Someone entitled to MediCare shoudn't be using the VA. A lot of old vets use the VA MDs because of the cheap price on drugs - Well, the pharmacy at the VA will fill a prescription on a Vet written my a non-VA MD. The VA needs to be reserved for those with service connected disabilites only.
    The other problem with the VA is the foriegn doctors - Nobody can understand half what they say and the doctors get angry over that and the assholes are arrogant to boot.
    As far as Shinseki - he stays.



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