Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's the Global Warming stupid.

A recent study by a University on the power of the phrases "global warming" and "climate change" confirmed what Lutz the GOP's word smith told them years ago.  "Global warming" is powerful stuff, "climate change" is whimpy.

The GOP got their talking orders a good 10 years ago to use CC not GW.  Here's what the GOP already knew about the two phrases: Global Warming is more scary, it makes people feel it is more certain, more likely to remember science has the evidence.  Climate Change does not invoke a sense of urgency, lets people feel there is uncertainty, weak evidence, and the threat is mild.

The woefully underprepared Democrats and many environmentalist caved (Obama again this week) and also picked up the phrase "climate change" after being painted as bat-shit crazy and under the delusion the milder term would make it acceptable to people undecided or weary of the argument.  Instead the GOP had the upper hand along with deniers and dirty industry as the term CC blunted urgency giving them more time to profit from pollution and avoid transitioning to a new energy economy.

Next time you explain of argue these subjects, make damn sure you us global warming, the strength of the phrase is well known, don't whimp-out.


  1. Very interesting. I too will use "global warming" exclusively again!

    1. Mauigirl, glad you stopped in, and keep up the arguments. Like your blog.


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