Friday, May 30, 2014

Ohio falls to ALEC, AFP and the Koch's

After 3 years of fighting and refighting *RPS and *RES battles in 24 states, the GOP won at last.  Ohio  yesterday froze in place their utilites requirement to increase wind and solar energy sources.

Coal, fracked natural gas, and fuel oil won the day for the Koch Brothers Koch Industries and their estranged 3rd brother who owns Oxbow, one of the largest coal mining and transporting companies.  Claiming free fuel from the sun and wind will raise Ohio's energy bills, they bucked the manufacturing industry of Ohio which makes more components for alternative energy than any state.  They bucked 78% of the public, they bucked the facts which indicate continued use of coal and NG will raise rates, while wind is now coming in below all other sources and solar is now competitive.

A vote for black lung, asthma, fly ash, smoke stacks, global warming, and longer waits at the rail crossing.  Your state is next if you don't get involved, now, not tomorrow.
*RPS renewable portfolio standard *RES renewable energy standard, both refer to states goals for percent of renewable energy sources used.


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