Thursday, May 22, 2014

May is Asthma awareness month, with important info left out

May is Asthma awareness month.  My older sister has it.  Lots of kids in the neighborhood too.  So I googled Asthma and got mothers against it type sites and a bunch of info sites.  Almost all these are run by drug companies, a couple by the government.
I hunted for what triggers Asthma attacks.  Of a dozen or more I looked at, only 2 mentioned (outdoors)  air pollution.  Even the mothers site was like the others, listing allergies, pets, pests, tobacco smoke, bugs, dust, but not air quality.  

If you never learned anything from this site, please learn that CO2, industrial smoke, car exhaust belong in the list.  People living in polluted areas, near highways, smoke belching industry, have more events than those who do not.  Only the American Lung Association is clear about this.  

Treating the symptom fills cash registers.  Reducing some of the sources of the disease reduces drug companies profits.  Who you want to hurt, kids, or profit?  I went to some of these sites and used the "contact us" form to abuse them for their oversight and asking them to list air quality as a trigger.  Work towards cleaner air, harp about to anyone you can corner, lungs need your help.

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