Friday, May 2, 2014

How many times do we have to kill this Koch snake?

If you read this blog, you know I have been in and out of the state house and speaking at legislative forums, writing editorials, testified at the senate hearing on .............. RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Push the shield, Operation Free to the left to learn why.  Kansas has enough wind to supply the whole nation.  The Koch's, ALEC, AFP and others want to kill wind energy in the state, stop it's expansion.  To this end they run adds, spend, lavish money on legislators.

In 2 years they have brought bills to kill wind and solar in Kansas to vote 3 times and a coalition of groups, companies, public beat them down.  Now, yesterday a new bill to kill it flys from committee and today they vote.  Normally it should take months, a year, to bring to vote.  Sha-zam.  It lost again. 60 to 63.  Really close, but killed again.  And especially sweet since ALEC is holding a nationwide  strategy meeting today in Kansas City.

I didn't know they did this until the morning paper, by 10am I had emailed every Republican that had voted for killing the previous bills.  We didn't hold all of them, but enough.   One thing to learn from all this, this fight is never over, the Kochs will be back in a few hours or a few months, but they will try again.  I'll be here, waiting.  This is the senate hearing, I won't say which one of these guys I am.


  1. I see ya...keep up the fight Darryl. Like Gandhi said, "First they laugh at u and than they fight u and than u WIN. "

  2. white hair, in the distance, between the fat guy and the beard.


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