Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buy from companies that respect women's health.

Eden Organic proclaimed yesterday they also are uber-religious and holy holy, therefore they will halt birth control coverage thanks to the Supreme Court.
There are lots of brands of organics and all natural foods.  Why not buy from one that cares about women more than these guys do.  They are catching so much shit on their facebook site it now has a statement that claims their positions on issues are exaggerated.  Exaggerated statements, yesterday the CEO said Obama is a dictator, leave it to a zealot to throw the first punch then cry for restraint.
I sent then notice I will be asking my health food store to pick up another brand, hell there's lots of'm, the old hippie manager will listen I know that, he most likely will do it.


  1. No Kev,
    Single prayer - One religion, one party, one nation....


    1. Which religion?? What Bible-Banger cult will be in charge??

    2. I think it's becoming evident, the republichristinistas.

    3. Sarge, one and one and one make three, the trinity, amen.


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