Tuesday, July 15, 2014

plastic microbeads in your toothpaste

Plastic so tiny it can inter your system, end up in your flesh, an organ, where as a piece of manipulated petroleum, your body expends efforts to kill it, seal it off, or it may be the seed for cancer.  Scientist are finding it in the ocean, lakes where it gets eaten by animals.  They even found it in (as part of) fish meat.  Yum!  Tiny critters think they are eggs, from their they go up the food chain, other fish, birds, etc.

It's added to things to be abrasive, according to articles I read it's in most Crest toothpaste, it's in most everyone's acne soaps, facial scrubs and exfoliants, even Neutrogena's brand of these items.  It's in some bath washes and some soaps.  

Read the labels: polyelthylene, polypropylene, microbeads.  A partial list (3 pages, scroll down) at: http://beatthemicrobead.org/images/pdf/RED%20UNITED%20STATES.pdf

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