Thursday, July 3, 2014

How many soldiers died guarding fuel transports?

Are you a vet? Click that Operation Free logo top left of this page, sign up to help us convince local state and federal government to get off fossil fuel and stay out of wars for them. It will save soldiers lives, it will employ vets.


  1. Many months ago a cousin of mine who is retired Navy forwarded an e-mail that basically said Gabby Giffords deserved to be shot because she dissed Gen. Petraeus by asking him what the military was doing about using alternative energy in Afghanistan. Now, this struck me as she was doing her job in Congress very well, but not to his government-hating circle-jerk echo-chamber. I called him a fucking idiot and blocked all e-mails from him and haven't spoken to him since!!

    Alternative energy makes perfect sense in places like Afghanistan when you consider how dangerous it is for them to transport fuel to the troops in Afghanistan. Any savings of fuel means they have to haul less fuel that may be subject to being blown up along the way.

    1. Kulkuri, The fuel transports are the most prized targets for the enemy, easy to hit, slow, big bang and they cut into our supplies.


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