Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cry Wolf

Montana and a group of Wolf, Wildlife, and Environmental groups, including NRDC, have reached an agreement with Montana on a proposed Wolf Stamp.
For $20 anyone anywhere can buy a Wolf Stamp, it's not a hunt license, but a way to save the wolf, this money goes to protect the wolf and the bear, hire more game wardens to stop poachers police hunts and crack down on trappers abusing their privileges, pay ranchers to use non-lethal methods of keeping Wolf and Bear away from livestock.
Currently all the money headed into, and therefore influencing, Montana's Forestry Wildlife and Parks department to do with the Wolf and Bear comes from hunting permits, so we have seen how that works out for the Wolf, numbers are falling fast.   Strangly, even hunters support this effort.  It will increase the number of Wolf and Bear, some of which will be hunted, but overall it will halt the rapidly reducing population from the 6 month hunt season and unlimited kills permitted by ranchers.  Everyone involved sees this will increase the populations considerably as people buy stamps.

There is some internet paranoia about this issue, but people need to get a grip, it is being pushed by a number of the top Wolf preservation organizations and many other Wildlife organizations, it is not a plot by hunters or ranchers.  Further, and the most fucking important, buying the stamp is your choice, if you think it's a UN plot to take over the Wolf den, then don't fucking buy one.

It's not a done deal, it hasn't been adopted yet, you can go to http://fwp.mt.gov/doingBusiness/contactUs/wildlifeContactForm.html
and tell Montana you like the idea, please adopt it, and that you will consider to buy a Wolf Stamp even though you don't live in the state.


  1. If you have ever heard a wolf howl then you know what the stamp is worth the $20.....


  2. Thanks Sarge. The number one thing visitors to mountain state national parks say they want most out of a visit, is to hear a wolf.


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