Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christian Taliban gives church ultimatum.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans had some visitors Sunday.  Protesters disrupted the service.  In town to protest at abortion clinics, the same group linked to Dr. Tillers murder in a Wichita Kansas church a few years ago.  
Protesters ran around screaming "repent, this is not a real religion", and ranting about abortion.  Universalist are neutral on many issues, one being women's right to make decisions on their own lives.  They do not oppose abortion, nor do they promote it, but believe the women must possess the right to decide.  
As a sometime attendee at Unitarian services, I am not surprised the church was and will probably now become a nation wide target of ridicule and maybe more protests by the Christian Taliban.  The church promotes creative ways of thinking, charity to the poor and children as Jesus taught, tolerance for gays, for other religions, support of the arts, higher education, care for the environment*.  Often they invite other religions to speak at services, and incorporate some of the more tolerant features of various beliefs and traditions in services.
Had this been Muslim's screaming in a Southern Baptist church, Fox would report it as terrorism.   
*Unitarian Universalist is one of the several denominations in the US that have voted to divest their investments from fossil fuels and associated industries.  


  1. What's going on in NO is typical of what the extremists in the anti-abortion movement are capable of. Not satisfied with publishing the names and addresses of abortion providers in order to encourage harassment and sometimes physical assaults, they're turning their rage on churches that don't explicitly support their extremist viewpoints. If you want to take the temperature of such one-issue zealots, mention support for reproductive freedom on Facebook or other social media...

    (congrats on the Crooks and Liars link!)

  2. Well, their intolerance really knows no bounds it seems. Even other Christian faiths aren't spared. I'm really not sure what they would call 'Christian' about this repellent and shrill behavior. And if any of the Unitarian parishioners feel terrorized by this behavior, because they get to decide how they react to it, then it would be 'terrorism'. It's as simple as that. Those protesters are not Christian, they are nuts.

    1. Anon, wish I knew who you were. Thanks for the comment, Agree all the way. Stop by anytime.


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