Thursday, July 10, 2014

GOP and old power sources shutting down our military

In 2012 power outages in the US accounted for 87 events lasting over 8 hours on our military bases.  These bases are connected to our aging grid and rely on our power sources, which means the majority is coal and nuclear, both of which experience unscheduled shut downs/failures often, at least 87 fucking times that year, dragging out long enough for the SOS to spoil in the chow hall.

The Pentagon is working fast to install wind and solar and battery sources.  Relying less on our grid means they can save money, and as the grid fails from time to time they can run the most critical base functions.  Thats a good thing if you ever worry about national security.

The GOP Congress is working just as hard to stop it.  Working for fossil fuel and utilities they are non stop inserting lines in bills that make it harder for the Pentagon adopt the on base grids and energy sources to keep the base running.  Republicans are OK with whole bases, whole sectors of our defense system down from time to time, as long as they keep those dollars moving to fossil fuel.

Make a noise about this, bring it up when you get close to any elected official, dog catcher and up, bartender, neighbor, crazy uncle.


  1. Another day in River City huh? Drat!

  2. And another million given to congress by fossil fuel.


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