Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fuck Whole Foods

Whole Foods CEO Mackey calls Obamacare "Fascism".  It's amazing how many people do not know what the various failed kinds of governments are.
Fascism is an ultranationalistic system that promotes political violence, seeks wars (as an excuse to impose strict discipline and control of the people), it uses religion where it can for it's benefits, leans heavily towards state owned property, and is the enemy of communism, conservatism, liberalism and social democracy.  While being against both conservative and liberal ideals seems odd, the end goal is to promote a class of superiors to lord over the masses.  Ok, that is generalized, but basically correct, and Obamacare doesn't comply.

Today Mackey went on NPR and made the Fascism statement.  Thats the end of Whole Foods for us.
We don't have one here, but on the frequent trips to Austin, Memphis and others, we always include a shopping trip to pick up some things we really enjoy, but I assure you can do without, and will.  I vote with my pocket book, and like Chic-filet, Menards, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, this bastard too will never see another shadow of mine fall on his cash register.
Fuck Whole Foods!

Doesn't he know who his customers are?  Liberals mostly, he's not going to make it up easily.  Getting a bunch of republicans and red necks to start buying organic will be a hard sell, they don't believe in that shit.


  1. So are we ready for single-payer yet? ; )

  2. New Zealand has gone partially away from the single payer system, having GPs charge an office visit fee, but anyone who goes to Emergency is covered. The part that even our Ministry of Health can't clearly explain is why, since the system is population-based, different regions get different amounts per capita and Otago, where I live, has an admittedly aging population yet receives less per capita than other regions with younger populations.

  3. NAC and Mr. O: The best health care system in the world is suppose to be Taiwan, who by the way is a single payer systems. The UK, Japan, and all of Europe,Australia, New Zealand and Canada have it as well. Some have their own little twists, but Taiwan has the most streamlined system. Only Canada and Sweden seem to come under constant attack by politicians in the US as some kind of gullag prison system. We have relatives and friends living in both nations. They grip a little, it's human nature, but they like the system and do not want what we have had in the past.

  4. When I read this guy's comments I found myself thinking: "Wait... aren't most of his devoted customers liberals? What's he thinking?"


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