Thursday, March 21, 2013

Have you read about Chinese citizens abused by companies and politicians for speaking up?

Dryden New York is in court today fighting off a lawsuit by gas companies, the drillers brought suit because the citizens organized and fought against fracking, stalling the township from approving fracking.
In Maine a number of citizens are named in a suit brought by Nestle.  Nestle came to town and wants a 45 year contract to run the city water department, hands off, they run everything.  The water board loves the idea, the citizens not.
An Arkansas women has been giving out information warning parents and schools about caffeinated drinks sending thousands of children and teens to emergency rooms, at least one died from complications with the kids weak heart conditions.  The maker of one of these drinks is threatening a suit unless she repeats her efforts but handing out info saying she was wrong, the drinks are fine.
Home builders and developers in a number of states sue people who organize when they can't get satisfaction from crap housing they bought or promised parks never built.
Did you know gun makers are exempt from product safety law suits or charges.  If you gun fires while on safety (one popular rifle has a history of this, killing several people) or explodes, tough shit.

By the way, in South America a number of cities gave/sold the water department to industry.  The company then forced the city police to arrest people who would not stop getting water from wells, collecting water in barrels off the roof.  Prices became very high.  There have been riots, in a couple of cases the company was attacked, employees driven out of town, the contract was finally ended.

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