Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A return to newspapers taking on a "higher cause".

March 17, 2015, Front page of Englands great newspaper, the Guardian.
Today the Guardian stated it has set out to expose the fossil fuel industties, to start a movement to turn public opinion to fixing global warming, they ask for industry insiders to come forward with stores, they ask every institution to divest from fossil fuel, specifically they ask Bill Gates to divest immediately or bare the brunt of what's coming.
This is a style of social activism from a newspaper that hasn't been seen since the great William Allen White of Emporia Kansas was the soul of journalism fighting corruption with his brand of get the facts, don't let a politician answer a question with an untruth and let it stand, find out, call him out, print the fact and report that he lied.  A shame the first large paper to rejoin this ideal is not in the US.

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