Sunday, March 8, 2015

Your tax dollars burning in the train wreck.

Every few days another explosion.  An oil train, a refinery, tanker truck, a pipeline, a drilling rig.  Then there are the leaks, pipes pumping oil into the Yellowstone, onto farm land, city water sources.

This is not paid for by oil companies or railroads. The rescue and fire fighting, the closed roads, bridges, the detours that cost time and money, the bulk of that is picked up by the communities.  There are liability limits set by Congress, the maximum it will cost fossil fuel guy is set, and at a bargain rate to them.  And the fine if any is levied, he writes that off his taxes, it's a business expense, sure it may hurt a little, but as a tax deduction it means his fine lowers how much of the taxes he pays otherwise, which already aren't much, it's a sweet deal.

Bottom line, this is your fault by not reducing demand.  Find a way to use less of these products.  Write your local and US reps.  Tell them politely you want them to stop working for oil and coal and start working for a future of clean  energy and the safety of all of us.  This aging infrastructure will not get better as it gets older, failures will increase.  Starve the bastards out, buy energy efficient appliances and cars, lights, air up your tires.

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