Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baked Alaska

Alaska didn't have many forest fires until the last few years.  This winter it was warmer in much of the state than in the eastern half of the 48.

Sea ice is the lowest this March ever seen off much of the state.  Palin might be able to see Russia, but over water not ice.

150 years ago an Irish Scientist John Tyndall put CO2 in a glass and shined light on it, the higher the content of invisible CO2, the higher the temperatures rose.  A few years later other scientist started calculating the warming trend that lay ahead as we burn fossil fuels, their prediction has has unfortunately come true.

Putting a fee on fossil fuel at the well, mine or port of entry aligns with conservative principals - the pottery barn rule - you break it you buy it, in this case who ever pollutes it pays to help correct it.  This puts the ability to correct it on the consumer, the ultimate polluter as we buy and use all this crap.  The fee on carbon would be given monthly to every American household equally to offset higher prices, but by making energy efficient choices of products they can save more of the dividend received and cause the market to bend towards low carbon use and a cleaner world without so many regulations.  It's based loosely on the Alaska yearly oil dividend they put on oil production.  Never thought I could learn something from the snowbillies, but so it is.

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