Tuesday, March 3, 2015

new fossil fuel happy talk

Oil field sequestration is Science Fiction standing squarely on a myth, all are leaking.

You might have heard of this, it's the newest "happy talk" pretending to be "clean energy".  As the quote above said, it's a myth and the few in experimental use are all leaking.  This system is to capture CO2 from a power plant or other facility and pump into old oil wells.  First the power plant has to be near oil wells, second it is so energy intensive it takes 30% of the power plants energy to do it.  Underground CO2 is free to move around, it's not like coal where it's an integral part of the rock, it moves around, follows the pipe, moves in water, moves through earth, percolates back to the environment.  The only benefit this has is as an advertising tool for the fossil fuel industry and to take government grant money from more deserving technologies.
The best technology would be to not make CO2 when you make power, wind and solar fit that niche.

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  1. I agree but Big Coal and Big Energy are filling the coffers of our legislators with campaign (bribe money) contributions.



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