Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kansas City comes clean

1,000 charging stations for cars within 2 or 3 years.  Nissan, Kansas City Power and Light, and a charger maker, teamed up for this.  Fossil fuel, the Koch's, the Chamber of Commerce, all were caught off guard, the deal was done before they could poison it.  The chargers will handle most car brands.

Kansas City will soon have the most densely populated charger network in the US, maybe in the world.

In another state VW has done something like this, but on a small scale .  Ford also got in the act a few months ago with the largest home builder in the nation (who cares the name) reaching a deal that every garage they build will be wired to accept a charger, a bigger wire and breaker now for a few dollars could save a homeowner hundreds to rewire for it later.

For the record, a car powered with electricity from dirty coal is still cleaner than burning gas, add a few watts from wind and solar and it's much cleaner.  One more tidbit, car dealers do not like selling electric cars, service is almost nil, electric motors last longer than petro engines and have a fraction of the parts that might wear out.

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