Monday, March 16, 2015

If you can read this you are not a carnivore. No, you're not.

*Carnivore has claws, herbivore fingers-toes or hooves.
*Carnivore has a short gut, herbivore a long gut up to 2.5 times their height/length.
*Carnivore do not gain cholesterol from eating  meat, herbivore get high cholesterol if they eat meat.
*Carnivore have teeth that tear, herbivore have teeth to snip off and grind.
*Carnivore drink by bringing water up on cupped tongue, herbivore pull water in by lip and suction action.
*Carnivore can get all the protein needed from meat, herbivores can get all the protein needed from plant based diet.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, overweight, diabetes, sleep disorder, dimentia, almost all of these can be avoided, reduced, put off, or even treated with a diet of beans, nuts, fruit, vegi's, whole grain, brown rice, dark greens and spices, lots and lots of wonderful spices.   You are not designed to eat meat, you are a herbivore.


  1. We're omnivores and this link says that a vegan diet may not be as healthy as you think.

    I know my doctor says too much is missing in the studies which is what this doctor who wrote the article says too.

    My doctor says limited animal sources of protein plus eating more fruits, nuts and veggies is a better choice.

  2. Sherry, limiting meat and dairy even a little will improve health and the climate as meat production takes 10 times the amount of space and energy to produce than plants. The longest living community in each city in the US is the 7th Day Adventist, a vegan diet is their standard. The only thing modern vegans need to supplement is B-12, which is found in meat, and water in lakes rivers ditches etc. Since we don't drink unfiltered untreated water in the US, and I don't intend to, then for a few dollars a year that issue is fixed with a daily pill.
    Everything else, minerals, vitamins, calories, calcium, are more plentiful in plants than meat, more digestible, than meat and dairy. Vegans, if they eat a broad variety of foods, are getting more essential nutrients than anyone else. As for bone fractures, societies with the greatest dairy intake have the most fractures, Fineland a few years ago launched a "berries not dairy" campaign and got the public to eat drastically less dairy and more berries of all kinds, hip fractures dramatically dropped. check out -
    The only true omivore is the ursine's, all other so called omnivore other than man do so on irruglar basis.
    Sherry, how is retirement going? Great I hope. Good to hear from you.

  3. Darrel,
    I had lunch in the food court at the Scott AFB main exchange/bx today with a retired national guard neighbor and had a philly cheese steak. I came back and went by Hooters to restore the alcohol level to normal and got one of their big chili dogs like I posted on Facebook to go and tomorrow night in jambalya. Now, there is some shrimp fried rice in my menu too.

    You write good stuff...

    Hi Sherri!
    I am doing fine - PSA is .043. Glow in the dark thought...



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