Saturday, March 21, 2015

Soil moisture, if the war goes on.

Yesterday KY Senator McConnell sent a letter to all the governors asking them to ignore and oppose Obama's environmental efforts, directives, and the EPA's.  Like the letter to Iran, he is siding with the enemy.

Latest forecast from both NASA and some international sources is that North America will fall into a decades long drought if the war on the environment goes on.  This map shoes areas of decreased soil moisture in brown as compared to current levels.  Your tomatoes wont' grow in that.

Next time your crazy neighbor talks about Obama's war on coal, correct him, it's a war on drought.  And the guys we are fighting are in control of the US Congress, and on the payroll of fossil fuel.


  1. It's all true every bit of it and it's not changing. Wait till they have the presidency as well.

    1. Some day they will have to face up to it, nah, they will find a way to blame it on liberals, or Mexicans or blacks, or women. It's never them.

  2. No it's not and I swear the "Dark Side" is winning.

  3. Hold on! The Commomwealth of Kentucky is going ahead and adopting the EPA guidelines. McConnell clains that Obama has a war on coal. Well, in the time that Senator McConnell (R-Ky) has been in office - more coal mines have closed in Kentucky than ever before and that wasn't due to Obama and the EPA - they were no longer profitable. Two mines closed in western Kentucky just last momth and several are looking at switching over to natural gas which is in abundance in the Wabash River Basin. Finally, and thankfully, the plan by Duke Energy to build a massive coal gasification plant to Rockport, Indiana has now went away. Why change coal to gas when the gas produced costs more than pumping it out of the ground? And, fucking we the consumers with making up the profit losses in the process?
    I look for Governor Steve Beshear (D-Ky) to run against Rand Paul....

    Evansville In

    Go Wichita State!


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