Wednesday, April 16, 2014

$170,000, GMO labeling illegal in the US, this too will hit the fan.

Koch's have a congressman in Kansas, Mike Pompeo, receipent of more money from them than any other elected official in the house or senate.  Now, Pompeo has taken $170k in the last year or so from grocery firms, food manufacturers, ag businesses, and Monsanto to make it illegal to claim or label products as GMO free.  The name of his bill, "The Save and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014".  Whats the goal, trash state GMO laws, keep manufacturers from selling GMO free products.  Pompeo says the current state laws allowing labels of "no GMO" or advertisements of same are confusing consumers, he just wants to help consumers, not producers, just us.  He claims GMO are safe, and by vague suggestions, conventional foods may not be as safe.

In a twist, or blunder, he claims one reason GMO is safer, not as many pesticides are used on GMO.  Well, well, my roots run through a lot of farms, and I see the chemical bills.  GMO corn for example may use a little less of one spray or another, but, they are engineered to be immune from herbicides such as Roundup, thus they are washed in these chemicals, and since weeds are so damn tenacious, the more Roundup we slather on them, the more survive it each year, leading to an arms race of chemicals on the farm.  Overall, I doubt we use fewer chemicals, less of one maybe, more of another.  The whole lets be safer by not using pesticides is kind of an admission by deniers that what we eat is washed in carcinogen's and gender bender chemicals, I mean didn't he just step in it here?

Some already call Pompeo's bill the DARK Act.  "Deny Americans the Right to Know", if passed this bill makes what we eat a secret, even Kashi cereal could be prosecuted for letting us know the corn flakes are GMO free.  At the farmers market a "hey buddy this sweet corn is GMO free", could land a gardener in jail.

If you're confused by labels that say  "GMO free", maybe you are to fucking stupid to be shopping in the first place.  

GMO in its self doesn't worry me much, I mean what I eat of it.  But organic is the only safe from chemical food.  But GMO does something else.  It ties farmers to a very expensive seed, to be repurchased each year.  The patent prohibits farmers from saving these seeds, up until now, that was the only way the world saved seed, farmers kept some for next year, free seed, spread over the whole world, the safest widest preservation method, now that is being prohibited, the way humanity survived has been outlawed.  This too will hit the fan.

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