Monday, April 28, 2014

awake ye scurvy dogs, I'll be tell'n ye more now

Tonight I attend and speak at a Legislative Forum.  State house Reps and Senators of both parties will hold a short round table then answer questions.  I will thank those who supported wind energy against the Kochs attacks the last 3 years and scold those who took money and voted for Koch's rather than 91% of Kansans who want more clean wind and solar energy.  And I will tell them about the vets working in renewable energy, employed at a 22% higher rate than in other sectors.    Today here are new threats from ALEC and Kochs that the GOP controlled state will still run the 3 times defeated bill through as an amendment to some unrelated bill, in the upcoming final session, so the fight is never won, we just lurch from one win against endless money and hired lobbyist to the next.

91%, that is so amazing, I don't know if you can get 91% to agree cancer is bad.

Get involved, be the change you want.


  1. Darrel,
    Carry on! I juust signd a petition from Sierrra Club asking the EPA to get off of their asses and regulate coal ash.


    1. Good on you Ron. We lose some fights, win others, at best we are providing a blocking maneuver until the enemy weakens or more people join the fight. If we do nothing the Koch's will trample down every protection. But it's a good fight, and I mean to stay in it, glad your in it too.


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