Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oklahoma starts with a zero, check this out.

Zero klahoma.  Yesterday the lady gov of OK signed in a new communist style central committee control law, it prohibits cities or countries from raising minimum wages.
Also, Monday the legislature showed up with a bill that did not go through committee or scheduling procedure, and voted without debate, and passed it, a bill to hammer home owners who invest in their own wind or solar generation system.  So much for the frontier spirit, this was a victory for the government regulated monopolies (utilities) and for coal and gas and Kochs who paid for it, yes paid for it.
If you live in OK, or just want to fight the Kochs and ALEC, call the gov office and say you want her to veto bill SB 1456.  Her number is 405-521-2342, or find her facebook, dump a message there.


  1. Never in my life did I ever live in a place as backwards as Oklahoma. What a shit hole...



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