Tuesday, April 8, 2014

leave tar sands carbon and toxins in the ground where Thor put it, to keep us safe

This is the tar sands north of Edmonton Canada. It started out as forests populated with deer, moose, reindeer, wolf, beaver, wolverine, bear, lynx, rabbit, flying squirrel, martin, weasel, chipmonk, birds, fishing lakes and clear rivers. The forest and meadows are stripped clean, animals killed by hired hunters, the land tortured by machinery so badly the scar is visible from space.  The bitumen (not oil) so toxic refining it takes great amounts of energy and produces the most toxic byproducts of any form of petroleum. Cancer rates of the work crews and people living near and downstream of this atrocity are climbing.  One doctor that publicized this was threatened and chased from the area. Valero, one of the refiners at the south end of the proposed pipe is going to refine it, and ship it out of country.  It will not increase our oil supply or our national security any more than me taking a shit does every day.  We get all the risk, the 1% get the wealth.  The environment there, here and where ever this crap gets sent will all get worse.  The pipe has already been bought, from India, not the USA.  There will be 1500 to 2000 jobs for 6 months to a year, after that the pipe runs remotely, a hundred max may be full time.  Not really a jobs program, more like a ticket to air pollution and eventually a series of spills in the US.


  1. It is greed Darrel, fucking greed...
    Speaking of that - I won the largest part ($80/$30) Sweet-Sixteen pool at Hooters...



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