Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who is for more smoke, more cancer, and taxing sunshine?

142,000 US workers are building and installing solar systems.  Coal uses 90,000 workers.  Not many people know these numbers.  

Military veterans suffer a high unemployment level, one bright point is they make up 10% of solar workers.  Solar employees 22% more vets than the average US business.

Next time you hear someone go off on the "war on coal", correct them.  It is a war against smoke, cancer, hotter summers, and a war for new and safer jobs.

Think about it, which one causes the most black lung, sensational deadly accidents, has taken government subsidies for generations, makes smoke, pollutes fishing and hunting areas, and which one do you have to set at the railroad crossing for when you could be somewhere else?

Monday, the Oklahoma governor (the state with the biggest energy rate increase in the nation, 20% in the last couple of years) signed a bill taxing homeowners who have solar systems.  Lets review; the sun that falls for free on your house is yours, pretty sure of that, you invest in your own system to turn your sunshine into your energy.  Now the state gives the government regulated monopoly the mandate to charge you for hedging against higher rates.  WTF?  This is the Koch's ALEC and Americans for Prosperity's doing, no secret, they take credit already for it.  What next, tax anyone who invests in efficient appliances and LED bulbs as they too will buy less energy from the monopoly.  This is an issue of freedom, freedom of choice, and where are the Republicans, blow jobbing big business.

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