Tuesday, April 8, 2014

teachers, KU, guns and wind, up against it part 9

1am Monday morning, the Kansas legislature adjourned, finished screwing teachers, we now have a fired on the spot law no review no appeal, and giving tax deductions for corporations giving money to private schools (as in where the CEO's kids go to school), and taking more money from the University of Kansas, KU, the GOP hate that university and have hammered it for years.
 They spent days crafting a law that ALEC will soon take to your state.  It destroys all city county township gun laws of any and every kind, and it will be against the law for same to lobby for a change in gun laws.  The GOP wants local control when you say "Feds", but will not allow locals any control, kind of like dictators do it.  Now we can carry guns anywhere except the state capital building and (I think) county courhouses, schools have about a year to either allow guns or hire guards and metal detectors.  Also now you can buy a full blown machine gun here, cause we all need one, cause freedom.  You can also stand your ground drunk and not face charges, get drunk, kill your sister, she was grabbing your bottle, maybe she wasn't going to drink it but hit you with it, so bam, fuck'n dead.  Police that confiscate weapons cannot destroy them, they must be auctioned off so other scum bags can recycle them into crime or accidents.  It is said to be the most wide reaching gun law in the nation, and it's headed your way.

OK, my main thing, protecting wind energy, you might remember we defeated the bill the 3rd time 10 days ago, but the GOP said they would bury it in another bill and get it passed this weekend, didn't happen, adjourned till April 30.  They will try it in that week or so they return to finish the session.  The Kochs don't give up easy.

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