Thursday, April 3, 2014

High Court gives nation to white billionaires, brave Thomas heads into text book fame

Yesterday the right wing court trashed more of the few campaign finance laws.  The "aggregate" limit.  Last time they said give all you want to PACS and lobbyist and action committees and run your own adds if you want.  But there was still an individual limit of $3,400 (?I think that's right) given to a Congressman or Senator, with an aggregate limit of about $34,000 (?I think).  So maybe not exact but it means you could only give to about 10.  But, that wasn't fair to billionaires, or the lowly millionaire who wants to play in the big times.  Nope, not fair at all.
Now, no limit.  You can give that $3,400 or whatever the exact number is, to every race in the nation for senate and congress.  Justice Sotomayor ran the numbers, a person (and corporations are people too) now can weigh in with almost $3.4 million every 2 years.
Who does this benefit?  The Republicans, and a couple thousand old white guys who will spend hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, every 2 years.  This will work, we may be headed for a Mexico type system, one party running the nation for a hundred years.

Clearance Thomas wrote his own opinion, shocking since he hasn't written but a few opinions, ever.  In it he said if he could, he would strike down all campaign spending limits, clearly an invitation.  His concern for the richest among above us will surely be recorded in Texas school books of the future as more courageous than the beaten and killed civil rights workers ever were.  Brave brave Thomas.


  1. "...we may be headed for a Mexico type system,..." May be? No fucking question about it, amigo.

    1. We better learn to walk, mass transit will be cut, and many of us won't have money for a car. walk to the wall the rich people live behind, there will be plenty of our amigo's there, waiting to go through the trash.

  2. Those who own the country ought to govern it. One Glorious Step Closer!

    1. One giant step for the aristocracy. Exactly why the early planners of the nation wanted inheritance tax, to prevent accumulated passed along wealth creating an aristocracy, who's filth polluted every nation where it was allowed to occur.

  3. Heard a comment on the radio this morning. A caller said why don't we just replace elections with auctions.
    Here's the limits from the FEC site.

    To each candidate or candidate committee per election To national party committee per calendar year To state, district & local party committee per calendar year To any other political committee per calendar year[1] Special Limits
    may give $2,600* $32,400* $10,000
    (combined limit) $5,000
    $123,200* overall biennial limit:

    $48,600* to all candidates
    $74,600* to all PACs and parties[2]
    That didn't come out very good, but the numbers are there. Here's the site.

    1. Kulkuri, it's depressing, and harder every day to reverse, voter restirctions are being put in all over the place, shorter hours, no early vote on evenings or after work hours, fewer voting locations, in Wisconsin yersterday they implemented a registration law, someone has to watch you register, within 3 to 8 feet of you.

  4. Hey, we can have the best government money can buy...


  5. It has taken me two days to access your blog and I was beginning to suspect that you had really pissed off some Koch sucker or another. Just so you know, I have joined the former Blogstreamer exodus and shifted to Blogster. Scratch, Bella, Sherry, and Skinny Guy are also there and there are probably a whole bunch more I just haven't run across yet. I still pop in here most days but Blogger just hasn't appealed to me much and a lot of the reason for that is the trouble I have accessing blogs.


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