Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bobby's shrinking state, the first of many.

Luzeeanna is losing a football field of land to ocean rise every hour, about 11 square miles a year.  One part of the state government is suing oil companies for causing it, Jendell and other departments are trying to stop the suit.  A cluster mating if ever one was.  This opens a path for the next hurricane to drive water higher into cities further from the coast, well where the coast was before the glaciers melted.

Mitt Romney said he is one of those Repubs who believes in climate change and we are the cause of it.  Good for you Mitt, clearly the Repubs are casting about for a way to get on board with the rest of the world on this issue, but he's going to get some push back.

The Senate voted 98 to 1 that Climate Change is real.  Thats no shit, they did, even Inhoff voted for it.  A few hours later he was given the gavel on the science and climate haters committee and launched a rant that it was a hoax.

The Pope tipped his hat he is going to tell Catholics to clean up the earth in June, so some papers took him to task on it, claiming it is worrisome he would take up the environmental issues, coupled with his radical view on poverty it is all very disturbing.  Rush Lemonball didn't put any sugar on it, he said we got ourselves a Marxist Pope.

The oil glut grew last week another 10 billion barrels in storage.  Iraq just brought another field back on line.  A hugh oil field went into production off Norway last week, and another in the Gulf.  These guys can't back down or cut back.  It's a game of chicken.  Bankrupt (small drillers first) firms are the only solution to cut back, and the collapse will go so low and the cut back forced so deep the stage is set for 2 years or 3 from now a shortage and prices back to $4, so don't go buying a low mileage vehicle, you'll be sorry.

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