Friday, January 16, 2015

Extraterrestrials not visiting Kansas

The (R) Kansas Secretary of State in Kansas won his Nov. election.  Almost 25,000 were not allowed to vote, turned away under the new Jim Crow laws preventing voter fraud.  Over the last 15 years or so only 2 or 3 cases of voter fraud ever went to court.  So, he fixed this with a law that kept 25K from the voting booth.   Yesterday he announced that double voting is a hugh problem here, lots of people voted twice.  No numbers given, no arrests made, but he is sure of it.
It seems to me he is a total failure.  His plan to fix voter fraud failed, and he can't even quantify how badly it failed.  But he has a solution, oh yea he does. In some ways I think he might be right, the Republicans were polling behind in all the state wide races, yet they won, maybe they did vote twice.
Kobach is asking for authority to make additional (what he doesn't say) changes to the voting laws.  He also will put all the elections together, city, town, county, schoolboard elections, all of it will be in November with the big election.  Currently local elections are seperate, and most are non-partisian, listed without party.  This was designed to be a more friendly community atmosphere, well the Repubs in total control of the state now intend to end this kind of friendly shit and turn it into tribal rivalry.

There's more!  The democrate for Senate withdrew from the race and the independent (Orman) was kicking hell out of Senator Roberts until Kochs and out of state efforts brought millions into the race the last 5 days.  Kobach is asking for a new law, death is the only reason for removing a name off the ballot.

Finally, Kobach is asking for authority to put a party line lever on the ballot.  Instead of selecting individuals, you step in pull one lever for Republican and leave the booth, 15 seconds and done.  Every (R) on the page gets the vote, mayor, schoolboard, council, sherrif, judge, registrar of deeds, Senator, Gov, every one.  This is a slam dunk for Kansas, we will be 100% Republican, I guarantee it.  I will move if all this passes.  Like the creatures from across the universe, contacting people here won't be worth the effort, or as my old cousin Nelson said, worth a bucket of warm spit.

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